Good News From a Good Cause

Whether we’re running a new workshop, educational webinars or fundraising events for endangered species and arts there’s never a boring day at Kashmir Rose. Watch this space to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates.

Image by Geran de Klerk

From Fast to Responsible: Changes in Fashion Trends

Fast fashion has endangered the lives of people and environment. Together we can make a difference. Purchase local, handmade, and eco-friendly products.

The Artist Behind Shades of Kashmir Rose

February 9, 2016 | Christian Tayler Ruth The series Shades of Kashmir Rose concentrates on the art of making the Kashmir shawl. The first...

Art All Night- Nuit Blanche DC

September 29, 2015 Art All Night : Nuit Blanche DC was founded by Ariana Austin in 2011. The festival is an all-night exploration and...

Origin of the Paisley

September 9, 2013 Ever wonder about the origins of that paisley pattern that appears on so many Kashmiri garments? Although named after...