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A Day at Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens

February 11, 2016

We started the tour at the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens with Elizabeth West guiding the Foxcroft Girls to Marjorie Merriweather Post's bedroom. The girls were intrigued by the life and collection of Marjorie and excited to learn more. Marjorie's granddaughter is also an alumni of Foxcroft School! 

The first painting with a lady in read wearing a Kashmir Shawl was located in the upstairs hallway.  

The girls then headed to explore the French Drawing Room. The elaborate room was filled with beautiful artifacts, however the girls were able to recognize the color blue in paintings, furniture and porceline from their Lapis Lazuli lecture. There was even a table that was decorated with lapis lazuli. 

After learning about the importance of French art and the role Kashmir Shawls played during the Regency Fashion Era the girls headed to the Boyar Wedding Feast in the main dining hall. This is painting by Konstantin Makovsky depicting the brides first kiss after a Russian wedding feast. The girls learned that the Kashmir Shawls were mostly wore by men in the paintings. The Boyars (Noblemen) wore the shawls as belts and decorative art displays across their chest. 

 A special thanks to the Hillwood Staff and Volunteer Tour Specialist Elizabeth West for learning about the art history of Kashmir Shawls and how they played a key role in French and Russian History. We look forward to further collaboration educational events with Hillwood and Kashmir Rose.

This week would not have been such a successful if it wasn't for the dedication and cooperation of Karin Thorndike, Foxcroft Art teacher. Thank you so much.

Princess Aliyah - Kashmir Rose, Elizabeth West - Hillwood Museum, Karin Thorndike - Foxcroft School

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