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June 7, 2014

While the Italian luxury brand Fendi debuted the first “catwalk” drones to the fashion world at Milan fashion week in February, Princess Aliyah Pandolfi took the use of drones, otherwise known as unmanned aeriel vehicles, to the next level at her local Great Falls “fashion and drones” event last Saturday, May 31. Founder and CEO of Kashmir World Foundation, the Princess’s mission to improve the lives of people and animals worldwide is emphasized through the collaboration of art, science, and technology within her foundation’s projects.  Kashmir-Robotics, the technology division of KWF, is hosting the worldwide Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge to counter poaching and trafficking of wildlife. The recent event aimed to raise awareness and support wildlife protection featured local Virginia teams participating in the wcUAVc as well as a photo shoot with local models promoting Kashmir Rose wildlife products. The Princess’s mission through her Kashmir Rose project is to support artisans in Kashmir and revive fine handmade arts, retuned for modern style: by importing handmade scarves, shawls, crafts, and decor and selling their products at fair prices throughout the world. The photo shoot incorporated both the drones partaking in the challenge and the wildlife animal print scarves, highlighting the use of drone technology in fashion and protection of wildlife.  Julia Chirite

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