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Origin of the Paisley

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

September 9, 2013

Ever wonder about the origins of that paisley pattern that appears on so many Kashmiri garments? Although named after the town of Paisley in central Scotland where it was mass produced during the 19th century, the design comes from an era long ago when artisans weaved the complicated and intricate shapes using hand looms and naturally colored fibers. Originating during the second century AD in Persia, the pattern spread and evolved throughout what is now Kashmir. Shawls, coats, and other garments woven in Kashmir from the finest natural fibers of high mountain goats were among the most sought after treasures among the European nobility. Great works of art from the Renaissance, often depict women wearing original Kashmir garments. Today, such fine works are again available to the general public, due to the efforts of organizations such as Kashmir-Rose promoting a resurgence of the ancient art. 

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