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Princess Kashmir Rose Visits Foxcroft School for the final Presentation

February 12, 2016

Wintermission ended with the Foxcroft girls completing their presentation with an educational powerpoint presentation and practice.

Ms. Karin Thorndike rushed to Foxhound Hall as the designated MC the show. Foxcroft faculty and students watched and presented their adventures during Wintermission Week 2016. Some even flew drones other built vegetable gardens and much more! There are even a group of students that headed to the Galápagos Islands!

Princess Aliyah introduce Kashmir World Foundation projects, focusing on Kashmir Rose and it's unique integration of art, science and technology. The girls talk about how the shawls are made, the rich ultramarine blue that is created from crushed lapis lazuli and their own "Twist to Mara's Shades of Kashmir Rose." They spoke about the evolution of the pasiley and how it was even once referred to as the "Persian pickle!"

Foxcroft special little guest was Princess Kashmir Rose. The Little Princess had the honor to present Ms. Thorndike her very own Kashmir Rose Shawl.

Princess Kashmir Rose graciously said, "Thank you for a wonderful week, it was amazing," to all the girls at Foxcroft. She managed to get a photo with her new friend Grace.

Princess Kashmir Rose presented all the students with a Black Kashmir Rose as gift of elegance.

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